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Kick-off to closeout inspection management

  • Create exactly the right inspection

  • Re-use existing checklists

  • Resolve issues with Tasks integration

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Task management made simple

  • Record punch and QA/QC tasks

  • Automate communications

  • Get live updates

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Stay informed, stay on track

  • Get a snapshot of progress

  • Identify problems, find solutions

  • Maintain accountability of stakeholders

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Inspection management made easy


A kick-off to closeout inspection management solution to save you time, money, and effort to deliver projects that achieve the highest standard.

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Create inspections
with ease

Create new inspections and checklists to suit your specific needs, or reuse the ones you already have in Excel and Word. Plus, finding what you need is simple because you can search inspections by location or by type.

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Using Bridgit Field right from the beginning of the project lets you conduct inspections quickly and effectively, while building a complete history of who did what work, when. When you find a problem, you're one click away from creating a task work item to get the issue resolved before the fix becomes more complicated.

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Inspections are an on-going part of any construction project. Finding issues early means you can fix them immediately and relatively cheaply, keeping the overall project on-time and on-budget.



Task management made simple


A better way to manage work on site from day one, increasing speed, efficiency, accountability, and visibility of the entire crew so projects finish faster.

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From punch lists and defect tracking, to work items big and small, managing a construction project involves coordinating thousands of tasks. Getting things done on-time and in the right order are crucial to maintaining project schedules.

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Keep people working and information flowing, so everyone knows who needs to do what, supervisors know when it's done, and people can move on to the next item.

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Spot problems,
mitigate risk

Seamless integration with Bridgit Insights provides you with a wide range of reports so you're always up-to-date, letting you track progress, spot problems, and show results.



Stay informed at all times, on any device


A one-stop dashboard of your construction project's task and inspection metrics, providing you with actionable, up-to-date information.  

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transparency to action.png

to action

Keeping a construction project on-track means making sense of an overwhelming amount of information, to draw clear conclusions that lead to decisive action.

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With insights gleaned, you can monitor progress, identify problems, determine accountability, step in where needed, and keep stakeholders informed.

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Gathers data from the people in the field and presents it in easy-to-interpret graphs, tables, and charts that let you quickly understand the status of your project's tasks and inspections.

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General contractors

Streamline communication, increase subcontractor accountability, and monitor progress on site.


Streamline communication, track construction progress, and deliver on homeowner walkthroughs.


Improve communication onsite, and enable transparency of project progress for operations teams.


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By putting an easy-to-use mobile app in the hands of people on site, Bridgit manages work items and inspections from project kick-off to closeout, increasing efficiency, preventing rework, lowering risk, and helping projects finish faster. 




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