Webinar recap: How to deliver high quality standards for your company by leveraging inspections


Lauren Lake, one of Bridgit’s two founders, led a webinar on how to make the most of your inspections by standardizing processes in order to find efficiencies.

Both founders come from construction families. As they got to know each other and decided to start a business together, they realized it was only natural to make construction the focus of whatever they were going to create.

In doing their field research, they were shocked by how everything onsite was done by pen and paper and dictated by Excel spreadsheets. As a result, they wanted to bring tools to construction sites that were easy to use and would solve problems around efficiency.

With their problem-first approach to tech in construction, Mallorie and Lauren created their initial mobile and web tool around punch list management. All of the typical back and forth on the construction site was now automated. After some time, they began to receive questions around how to apply the quality mindset to earlier phases of a job. The response was the addition of a quality module and insights to connect all of the dots.

People also asked:

  1. How can we ensure that everyone is doing things the same way?

  2. How can we provide more structure for our junior team members?

  3. How do we scale a company without sacrificing quality in the process?

  4. How can we gain more insight into problems and costs associated with them?

Some interest came from those who already had a pen and paper inspection process in place, but the bulk of interest in Bridgit Field came from those looking to implement one. Our product stands out because it isn’t reactive in nature. Within it, there are intuitive dashboards, insights into inspection effectiveness, the ability to export reports, and give final sign-offs.

How to make the transition:

  • Take note of repetitive processes onsite that can be put into more of an inspection format

  • Standardize processes

  • Automate checklist processes

  • Get approval workflow in place

  • Use automation to maximize ROI (we’ve had over 72K items pass or fail an inspection)

Lauren Lake, COO & Co-Founder of Bridgit

Lauren Lake, COO & Co-Founder of Bridgit

But we kept getting more and more questions around how do we actually apply this quality mindset to the earlier phases of the job and really help build ourselves up for success by instilling that quality point of view and standardization from every aspect of the job, not waiting until the end phase to really start looking at those issues. So that led us into building out some different modules. So we have the punch list that you can see there. We added in a quality module. That's what we're going to talk about today. And then we added in an insights to kind of pull everything together.

So we'll show you a little bit about how that works. But most of today's Webinar is going to be focused on why this matters. Why does it matter to have that quality first approach and how can you actually do that within your company regardless of whether or not you're using software?

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