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Feature highlight: Pinning in Bridgit Field

Pinning is one of the power tools in Bridgit Field. It maximizes efficiency and quality, and can be used in a number of different contexts. You can activate it under the Tasks section in the app, and it is only available on the mobile version. 

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Making the most out of Bridgit Field

Many people think of Bridgit Field as a powerful punch list management solution that's easy to use. Although that statement isn’t incorrect, punch lists aren’t the whole story. In fact, if you’re only using Bridgit Field for punch lists, then you’re not getting the most out of our solution.

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Webinar recap: How to become a "tech first" Project Manager

Moss PMs Andrew and Ben pride themselves on being “technology first,” sharing with us how they’ve seen the team embrace Bridgit Field, how they build strong relationships with their trades, the life of a PM, and how they’ve gotten time back in their days that they can put towards other efforts.

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