3 metrics you should track during construction


With Bridgit Insights,  you can quickly see the pace of work on site. The more tasks in the green portion of the graph, the faster your team is working.

3. Overdue tasks

While the age of tasks measures the pace of work, tracking the number of overdue tasks will give more insight on contractor performance and accountability. To track this metric, just add a due date to each task. When checking the metric, sort your tasks by date to get a quick view of where your project is running behind.

In Bridgit Insights, the Company Task Breakdown report goes one step further by listing every company involved in the project and providing the number overdue tasks assigned to each one (along with open, completed, and closed tasks). By keeping an accurate record of due dates and tasks, it’s easier to monitor performance and hold contractors accountable for their work.


Start tracking today

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