Dr. Oetker manufacturing plant closed out with Bridgit Field

Dr. Oetker London

Congratulations to McKay-Cocker Construction Ltd. and Dr. Oetker Canada on the completion of the new Dr. Oetker pizza manufacturing plant in London, Ontario. This facility will act as a hub for Dr. Oetker's Canadian and US markets producing millions of pizzas a year.

During the Dr. Oetker project, McKay-Cocker used Bridgit to record and communicate all punch items. We are pleased to have partnered with McKay-Cocker during the development phase of Bridgit, and to continue to play a role in maintaining their ongoing quality promise.

Bridgit has been a great addition to McKay-Cocker’s toolbelt. The software is an efficient tracking tool that takes the burden off the project team by providing an app easy enough for even the least tech savvy to use (it takes two minutes to learn!).
— Sandra Feenstra, Project Coordinator

More about McKay-Cocker:

For 68 years, McKay-Cocker has helped many communities and municipalities by leading countless sustainable construction projects. From Toyota and Ford to Columbia Sportswear, and Ontario Power Generation, McKay-Cocker has enhanced the fabric of each community.

The company's focus on quality construction, client-focus, and safety makes them a leading builder that clients and owners use as tools to create stronger and more prosperous communities.

McKay-Cocker also used Bridgit on the 2nd phase of the Dr. Oetker London facilities, including the construction of the plant's High Bay Freezer.


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