Exclusive: Sneak peek of the Q&A with JHL Constructors' James Torres

James T

In 2018, JHL Constructors’ James Torres was voted Project Manager of the Year by the American Subcontractors Association of Colorado. On his most recent project, he was able to complete 2, 000 tasks in just 8 weeks — 50% faster than projected — and save JHL $54, 400 in labor costs.

The following is a sneak peek of the Q&A with Tony Vlismas, Bridgit’s Head of Marketing, and James. James shared his secrets to becoming a PM superstar, effective closeout strategies, managing trades, and more! You can watch the full recording here.

Check out the free video sneak peak of Part 1: Software Adoption.

Want to watch more of the Q&A with JHL Constructors? You can watch the full recording here.

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