Why safe work is a choice


Construction Safety Week was started by the Construction Industry Safety Initiative (CISI) in 2014. The campaign is all about shaping the communities that construction workers and their families live, play, and work in.

The mission

The goal of the events that occur during Construction Safety Week is to strengthen the construction industry’s culture around safety and performance by making resources and best practices easily accessible. Everything is provided - from slide decks, to messaging, to social media collateral. During its inaugural year, Safety Week was supported by 40 national and global construction forms. Now, in year 5, over 70 construction firms are registered supporters of this organization.

Taking safety into our own hands

Other than maintaining your preferred lifestyle, there are countless reasons to work hard, every single day. More often than not, there is a family unit relying on that income. If you sustain an injury on the job that causes long-term or permanent damage, the results can be dire for the people most important to you.

The point is simple: It doesn’t matter how hard you work if you don’t make it home safely. On the Safety Week YouTube channel, they feature stories of workers and their families. Not only is the present generation of construction workers concerned with promoting safety on-site, but they’re also committed to raising a generation that not only understands, but appreciates workplace safety.

The construction industry is experiencing a labour shortage, with less and less young people viewing it as a favourable career path. Like all trades, it is a job that will be needed indefinitely, which means extra time and effort must be put into promotion it as a strong work option. A combination of driving awareness around safety in the field being a top priority, and happy parents leading by example, perhaps the shortage can be mitigated.

We are stronger and safer together

Although we are a construction software company, the Bridgit team believes that workplace safety and employee happiness are directly correlated. If you are in an environment where you feel secure and valued, your productivity and positivity levels will increase. Whether you’re working in the construction office or out in the field, recognition of this is a team effort. It’s not just an initiative for one week - it’s something to be mindful of at all times. It’s something that teams should set aside time to discuss, and have initiatives in place to stay on top of it. There are a lot of innovations that have come about (like AI) to improve safety. By discussing these changes for the better, you can enable your team to be as safe and effective as possible, no matter their function.

Learn more about the Safety Week initiative and how to get involved next year on the Construction Safety Week website.


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