Why construction companies should embrace technology


While technological advancement is rapidly expanding in the construction world, many companies are still conducting business in a similar way they did decades ago. In a 2017 global survey conducted by KPMG, findings showed that even though 72% of the engineering and construction executives surveyed stated that technological innovation played a role in their vision, less than half had a clear strategy in place to integrate those advancements.

Additionally, only 5% of respondents considered themselves on the forefront of embracing these advancements, while the majority stated that they were industry followers instead of leaders.

What these numbers showcase is that construction executives and leaders are aware of the value and necessity of integrating technology with their business models, but most haven’t taken actionable steps to make doing so a reality. As illustrated, only a minority of firms seem eager to take the reins and lead the industry into an era of digital technology and information.

Resistance to change is human nature, and treading into unknown waters is always a bit of a gamble. That being said, the construction industry has far more to win than it has to lose by adapting to the modern times.

If you took the survey mentioned above, would you respond by saying your firm is leading the overdue transformation of the industry or that it's part of the majority and operating as an industry follower? If you answered the latter, read on below, and take note of some of the main reasons why embracing technology as soon as possible is in your company's best interest.

Reduce onsite accidents

Construction is continually noted as one of the most dangerous professions, so naturally, the need for improved onsite safety for workers is an ongoing conversation. Because the industry revolves around intense physical labor, heavy equipment and materials and unpredictable weather conditions, it’s important to mitigate risk wherever possible.

The good news is that technology is helping the industry become much less dangerous.

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General contractors: start simple with tech

Are you looking for new ways to embrace technology during construction? There are many tools available to our industry, but many general contractors aren't quite ready to jump in with advanced technologies. If you're overwhelmed by the digital tools available, file-sharing software is a great place to start. Here are three ways you can use it on site.


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