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Bridgit Bench was designed to help general contractors manage their workforce planning and resource management.

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Let’s be honest,
there are limitations with Excel.

Not in the know

You have no easy grasp of where employees are, who’s working on what, and when they’re free.

Conflict (un)management

A tiny change here can have a huge impact there, but how will you know sifting through those spreadsheets?

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Cluttered with Excel


Organized with Bridgit Bench

Bridgit Bench makes managing your workforce and planning your projects frictionless.

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Optimize your workforce


Workforce management


We make it simple to import or enter all of your employees into Bridgit Bench — having one central place to understand who needs work and manage future hiring needs.

One tap and you’ll see each employee's current and past projects, any overlapping workload issues, details (including custom attributes such as certifications), and contact details.

The real power lies in your ability to instantly see who is on which project, who is over-allocated, or who is available for an upcoming project.


Team project planning


Finally, one spot to instantly see all of your projects and scheduling conflicts. Easily create custom allocations based on labor requirements.

Easily assign people based on availability or any other attribute, and identify over-allocations.

Bridgit Bench goes even further by letting you instantly see what the impact is on your team if a project date slips.


Actionable Insights

Visualize the big picture with real-time dashboards that provide instant access to understand entire team allocations, resourcing statuses of current (and future) projects, and utilization reports. Effortlessly view reports instead of sifting through spreadsheets.

Custom settings

Create unlimited attributions you can sort and search, such as certifications or willing to work remote, to find the perfect person to fill any role.

We’re constantly adding new features to Bridgit Bench based on market needs and customer feedback. See for yourself.

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Mobile app

You and your team can stay connected to your resource planning on the go with our app on iPhone, iPad, and Android. Easily view, search, and filter on all your people in your workforce, including complete profiles. Also view, search, and filter on projects, including a resourcing overview for each project.



  • Leverage our open API

  • Take advantage of the Bridgit Bench Embedded App for Procore

  • Use Zapier to connect Bridgit Bench with over 1,500 apps like Salesforce, Cosential, Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, and more


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We promise to make the best use of your time and take your questions as we walk you through the capabilities of our solution that best suit your interest.